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We’re an educational film and video producer and distributor committed to providing schools, libraries, parents, home schoolers and educators of all types with easy-to-use teaching resources that go beyond legislatively defined minimum standards. We also offer an unusual variety of independently produced film and video titles of value both in educational environments and to wider general audiences. Phoenix is also pleased to support training and counseling professionals in civic, municipal and business environments. The high quality of the Phoenix library has brought the company hundreds of awards from both U.S. and international film and video festivals, including Red and Blue Ribbon awards at the American Film Festival, Cine Golden Eagles, and an Academy Award® for the best live-action short film production of the popular children’s book, MOLLY’S PILGRIM. Among our titles, you will find a wide selection of competitively priced, high-quality programming with application across the curriculum and beyond it. Contact Us for licensing options, and/or DVD format request.

Licensing Our Content
The sales of media by The Phoenix Learning Group, Inc. (PLG) are subject to the condition that they will not be duplicated in any form, altered, televised, or used in any showings for which admission is charged without the express prior written consent of PLG. Transmission of the content of such media via the Internet, intranets, or television (open air, closed circuit, satellite or cable) is likewise prohibited without prior written permission from PLG. The sale of downloadable or streaming media by The Phoenix Learning Group, Inc. is subject to the condition that any content purchased from PLG will not be duplicated in any form, altered, televised, retransmitted via any method, or used in any public or private showings for which admission is charged, without the express prior written consent of PLG. PLG programs or content purchased via download or streaming media from one of PLG’s online partners are subject to the same terms, plus any additionally imposed by the online partner. All such sales are for personal home or home-school use only unless otherwise specified in writing. Programs downloaded for home use may be duplicated for sharing on up to five computers within a single household. All rights not expressly granted by this License Agreement are reserved by PLG. For information on how to obtain rights for public or institutional performance, library circulation, or digital retransmission, please contact us at 1-800-221-1274 or by email at customerservice@phoenixlearninggroup.com.
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