Our Strength is in Our Diversity - Black History Month

Our strength is in our diversity, and as we take time to celebrate and appreciate each unit that makes us a strong whole, we continue to uphold the spirit that binds us together. While a lot of attitude can be adopted to celebrate Black History Month, History itself reminds us that it is supposed to be a recollection and remembrance of bravery, gallantry, positivism, hope, faith and beyond all that, a dogged commitment that strives for the best against all odds. This is not the time to recant and reminisce on our past glory like it is an extinct antique. It is the time to be challenged into striving to maintain, sustain and develop what our founding fathers worked hard for.

Many people are only aware of what is wrong with and undesirable about the black people of this country, it is time we got history, facts and figures right and understood that we have a lot to be grateful for. Thus, we will understand why we need to protect more than we need to regret- we have come a long way! Our history is rich with stories of how we encountered daunting obstacles and triumphed in the face of insurmountable oppositions. We are a strong people. And we need to let the whole world know about us.

Several efforts have been made by some people to deliver the big picture for public consumption. However, these efforts have been underappreciated. We are at a time when everyone needs to know EXACTLY what happened to whom, where and when. We have a rich history the world knows little about, it is time to blow the trumpet and sound it loud.

Phoenix Learning Group has a dynamic and broad range of award-winning titles that will enrich your knowledge of black people’s heritage. This isn’t optional considering the present terse and suspicious political as well as racial climate. The onus is on everyone in a position of influence to shed light on the dignity and civility of African Americans. This responsibility extends to Librarians, Educators, Colleges, Institutions and Organizations. It is time to draw attention to all the great contributions that have been made. Available titles include

Sometimes, moving forward in the right direction is only possible when you have given the past the acknowledgment it deserves. Let us prepare for our future by recognizing our past, our history and indeed, our story.