Introducing the Phoenix Learning Group

While Alvin Toffler has defined literacy as ability to learn, unlearn and relearn; we at Phoenix Learning Group believe that definition means an ability to prepare for the future or if you want to go a step further, design the future. Once upon a time, all you needed for an effective teaching session were one or two pieces of chalk and a chalkboard. In the 21st century, such wouldn’t suffice.

Our world is constantly changing and its mode of operations with it. It will be hard for anyone to catch up on the trends of the world while still maintaining specialization in any particular field. As such, it has become imperative that some people mind the paradigm shifts in trends and in turn, communicate it to those who actually have to activate the noticed changes.

That is our job at Phoenix Learning Group. We do research, we study phenomena, we do simulations and surveys, and we follow up on digital improvements – all in the bid to discover how learning can be better, smoother, more concrete, more cognitive, superior and fitting to the intellectual prowess of this age. We are the people you can depend on to supply the best methodologies and technologies for effective teaching and learning aids.

Founded in 1973, we have had over two decades of experience in supplying educational institutions, educators and institutions supplementary and complementary materials in forms of high quality films, DVDs and easy-to-use multimedia resources. We have worldwide clients who testify to the helpfulness of our resources to their teaching and learning processes. Our clients include Television, Cable System and Network, Instructional Television, Networks, School Systems, Public Libraries, Business and Industry, and Other Specialized Markets.

We have created feature titles that have received accolades not only in the US but in several parts of the world. Our feature titles include publications like; “Peege“, “Molly’s Pilgrim“, “Leo Beuerman: A Legacy“, “Pocket for Corduroy” and “There’s a Nightmare in my Closet“. We have garnered hundreds of awards from both the US and international film and videos festivals. Our resources have been translated to several languages to make them easily accessible across diverse lingual planes.

Moreover, our sensitivity to Sustainable Development Goals has driven us to contribute to the conservation of our natural environment through our “Green Careers” section; a section that largely focuses on “Green Jobs”. This is our own way to ensure that the world we live on continues to exist long after we have gone thereby leaving our footprints in the sands of time.

Phoenix Learning Group is the answer to the educator, school, institution and agency that wants not only to remain relevant to the momentum of this century but that wants to prepare for future happenstances as well.

Phoenix Learning Group is a timeless company that shapes and defines prevalent learning processes and methodologies. We produce timeless and broad titles that remain relevant overtime and ethnic diversity. We are open to suggestion and comment. Moreover, we are readily available to answer your inquiries.