Green Careers

When over 100 nations of the world meet as is their culture every fifteen years and the one thing they all agree on is the urgent need to rescue the environment from destruction, then we know that going “Green” is not a fancy term. Rather, it’s the very course of action and the only one that guarantees our continued existence on the planet. It’s not like we are about to be swept away by some ultra-powerful hurricane. It’s just that our daily actions and reactions have, over time, steadily deteriorated the environment and something needs to be done…fast. This rescue mission is part of what has birthed the “Green Careers” phrase.

There was a time when the saying “we do not inherit the earth from our forefathers, we borrow it from our children” makes us think we are being nice and sacrificial to even stop to think how our mode of survival is affecting the planet. Now, in our very days, we are seeing the direct consequences of unsustainable practices. The four warmest years in history have occurred in this decade alone. Polar ice caps are melting and some threatened species are going into extinction because the earth isn’t friendly anymore. For us, the situation is still tolerable but we have realized the need to adopt ways to operate economically and socially without compromising the lifespan of the earth on which we depend. The question then becomes; what are the options that will make our interactions with our planet less parasitic while guaranteeing our optimum satisfaction? Are there any at all? The good news is that there are several. There are many safe alternatives to the energy we depend on, the food we eat, the means of producing products and chemicals, the buildings we construct and many other endeavors that congeal to hurt the ecosystem.

Phoenix Learning Group as usual, is at the forefront of enlightening students and adults alike on these eco-friendly career opportunities. With our “Green Careers” film series, we explored areas like energy, construction, transportation, recycling, waste management, agriculture and water. Our topical 12 film series further explain why choosing ecologically friendly careers will prepare you for the future that is sure to come.

It is no longer a joke. Of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, more than seven is about growing in a way that will preserve the quality of our environment. People are encouraged not to use or consume products whose methods of production are harmful to the ecosystem. Needless to say, in a matter of time, “Green” will be a necessary condition for production and consumption. When that time becomes prominent, as it is already coming, you don’t want to lag behind. Choose “Green” today, stay relevant tomorrow!