Celebrating Children's Literature

When do we learn to be smart? When we play pranks on our teachers as teenagers or when we sneak out late at night for the party we were told not to attend? The truth is we learn when we are young. We become who we are from the onset. As such, educating children is not a matter for those passionate about reciting rhymes and dressing crazy; it is our collective responsibility and duty.

This is why Phoenix Learning Group has set the pace once again to rebrand children’s literature for now and the future. At Phoenix Learning Group, we understand that the making of great men and women isn’t when the world sings their praises but when their ideologies are formed which for most people and in most cases, is while they are children. When children are well educated, they are able to make informed decisions as adults and are empowered to live beyond societal, parental and even personal expectations. One of the fundamental ways we contribute to the making of children is through our classic and timeless literature collections.

Lest you think we are only gathering antique and claiming to have something, it is important for you to know that these literatures are film collections that will not only enlighten and educate your children but also inspire, inform, enliven and engage them. For us, your child will be learning the ordinary in an extraordinary way and the usual in an uncommon way. Does this mean there is nothing new for your children to get? Absolutely not! We are at the forefront of improving education in our country and are usually the first to adopt the best way to drive learning forward. However, a lot of distractions in our time are taking the focus from the fundamental equipping that children need to become intellectually sound scholars and instead engage them in less meaningful and impactful way. This wrong, we seek to right. This wrong, we need to correct.

With our standout based-on-books films by award winning storytellers like Ezra Jack Keats and Marjorie Williams, you can be certain that your child will be drawing from high intellectual and smart minds and what should you expect from that if not the best?

Phoenix Learning Group is at it again; this time, we are starting from the scratch and building the kind of academic prowess we want in the younger generation beginning from infancy. With films like Goggles, Hi Cat, Maggie and the Pirate, Pet Show, Alexander Baxter and The Velveteen Rabbit, children are sure on their merry way to having the best literary experience for their bright minds and we are only privileged to offer this to them.

Happily enough, these film collections are only a taste of what is to come as we are seriously working towards stocking our arsenal to the fullest as time goes by. So you see, we are in this for the long haul and we need your corporation and patronage to create the best intellectuals the world has ever known.