In 1973, Heinz Gelles and Barbara Bryant formed a company called Phoenix Films & Video, committed to producing quality educational enrichment films for libraries, universities, and special interest groups. After Phoenix Films became established, BFA Educational Media was purchased from CBS.

In 1993, Phoenix moved its corporate headquarters from New York City to St. Louis, Missouri, at which time all company divisions were organized as The Phoenix Learning Group, Inc.

In 1997, Phoenix acquired Coronet/MTI Films and its award-winning collection of educational videos and multimedia programs from Simon & Schuster, the publishing operation of Viacom, Inc.

Approximately 6,000 titles are now under the Company’s ownership or control. Phoenix currently provides quality educational content in a variety of formats, including DVD, video and digital streaming.

The high quality of the Phoenix film library has brought the Company hundreds of awards from both U.S. and international film and video festivals, including several Blue and Red Ribbon awards at the American Film Festival, Cine Golden Eagles, and an Academy Award® for the best live-action short film production of the popular children’s book, MOLLY’S PILGRIM.

The Phoenix Learning Group serves a variety of customers and markets, domestically and worldwide, including: Television, Cable System and Network, Instructional Television, Networks, School Systems, Public Libraries, Business and Industry, and Other Specialized Markets.

As a result of its overseas business, Phoenix has produced foreign language tracks for many of its more popular titles, and imports and produces foreign language programming for both the domestic market and for export.